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Gorgeous spring day for the Land Art workshop. Here are some pics including our collaborative artwork where we made a giant Drosera (carnivorous plant) which grows at the reserve.

Joondal is inspired by part of the original dreaming story of the Southwest WA “The Carers of Everything” first suggested by ECU Cultural Awareness Officer Jason Barrow, through his artwork Black Moon which incorporated Lake Joondalup, seven strands of hair and stars.

A complex and multi-layered story this work focuses on aspects as told by Wardandi Tradition Custodians Vivienne Brockman and Mitchella Hutchins.

Created on Wadjuk Boodja, permission for this work was granted David Collard.

Participants were invited to make a star and as Jason said " they.. can look skyward in the evening and... find their contribution above."

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