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Karda Megalania   2018                                                                                              Bondi   Sydney     Cottesloe Perth   Australia


This collaboration with Elder Dr Noel Nannup, and Wadjuk artist Sharyn Egan. This sculpture made of woven grass and raffia is in the form of the 'Megalania', a giant 5m long carnivorous lizard that lived until around 25,000 years ago and terrorized the local aboriginal people.  Placed in the ground up to 40cm deep it references an archaeological dig, like the Megalania is being uncovered.  The complimentary ground sculpture that surrounds the weaving, is made of local banksia in the form of magnified Diatoms. They are microscopic creatures that live in the water, rivers, lakes (where the megalania was thought to live) and the ocean. They are now part of climate change science. Diatoms are a microbiological indicator of the Earth's capacity to digest carbon, their volume is in decline with ocean life, an indicator of carbon sink failure. This work looks at extinction, major climatic changes of this planet and questions the consequences of our contemporary actions. It was first exhibited at Sculpture By The Sea, Cottesloe and then Bondi.

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