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   Mosty Ponad Czasem’ ‘Timeless Bridge  2015            Mienie zabużańskie                                                   Bug River, Poland

Mosty Ponad Czasem’ ‘Timeless Bridge

This artwork titled ‘Mosty Ponad Czasem’ ‘Timeless Bridge’ was made for the Land Art Festival Poland 2015. Made near the Bug River, which is on the border of Poland and Belarus, we were not allowed to cross the river and there was several visits from the Polish army…. 

The main form of the work is inspired by both a bird’s eye view and microscopic views of the river. Firstly the ox tail shapes that the river makes as it snakes through this part of the landscape and the microscopic view of the sphagnum moss which grows in the forest adjacent to the river.  


It also incorporates the Hartig net,  the interconnected network of roots that links moss, trees, mushrooms and plants so they can share their nutrients and create a healthy forest,  which seemed like a  good metaphor and a real occurrence in this ecological system.  ‘Mosty Ponad Czasem’ ‘Timeless Bridge’ comments there are no borders in this ancient landscape there are only connections and relationships between the people and the land that surrounds the Bug Riv.

Collaborators - Evan Coumbe, Nelle Clocherty- Coumbe

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