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Belonging    2012                                       Wadjuk Boodja                                                                       Cottlesoe Western Australia

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This Site Specific work relates to ideas of Belonging and Noongar knowing that we Belong to the Land and not that we own it. Focused on the Moonah - Rottnest Island Tea Trees and surrounded by 70 local plants donated by Lullfitz nursery the work aimed to take contemporary visitors back intime to how the Land would have felt prior to development. A great part of the work was the collecting of the local kwel - sheoak nuts. The local white cockatoo and pink and grey gallahs were eating and collecting the nuts and as they fell we would collect them up. 


Collaborators - Evan Coumbe, Nelle Clocherty-Coumbe, Ailsa Grieve, Michael Clocherty

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