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Acknowledgement  2017   Wardandi Boodja              The Farm Margaret River       Australia


Over a two month period in 2017 I developed "Acknowledgement", a Site Specific work engaging with the winter creek of The Farm alongside 'first contact' with the Wardandi between 1830 and 1900, the original inhabitants of this part of the southwest of WA. The work was formed by clearing an area of grass in a creek bed, shaping the underlying clay and soil into mounds and adding contrasting bands of colour lined with crushed clay from other locations on the property. 

Vivienne Brockman (Wardandi Elder) explains that as spirits pass over, they move through the water and out to the west. This ephemeral work lies on an east-west axis in the waterway, one of the source tributaries of the Ellen Brook. The piece also includes a soundcloud of a Celtic song sung by Lucy Ridesdale. "Acknowledgement" is an offering from my Irish ancestors to the ancestors of the Wardandi." – Elaine Clocherty.  







An ephemeral artwork, it is constantly changing, seeds of the local reeds and ground cover within the soil and clay sprouted and continue to grow, once a dry creek bed the work now lies fully intact beneath the water from winter rains

Collaborators- Vivienne Brockman, Lucy Ridesdale, Evan Coumbe, Nelle Clocherty-Coumbe, Banjo Clocherty-Coumbe, Uta Sommer

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