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Mimini Miwi-Women Spirit  2018          Kaita                Granite Island      South Australia


In December 2018 I participated in Sculpture Encounters on Kaita, Granite Island. Prior to arriving I investigated the geology and history of the island and created a design which explored the pre-cumbrian period where the granite rocks where molten. I arrived 5 days before installation, it was my first time on the South Australian coast. With help of locals I explored and collected two local plant species, the Grass Tree and Sheoak to use in the work. The grass tree, I later learnt only grows from the Granite island area to Kangaroo Island. On the first day of install I met Ngarrindjeri Elder Darryl Summer who supported the entire installation period of four days. Telling stories of his grandmother and aunties and how they would sit together to weave and collect seed from the sheoak for damper, he also explained that Kaita is part of the Ngurunderi dreaming story which finishes at Karta, Kangaroo Island. In keeping with the molten/fire aspect of the work, Darrell collected the local rosemary which he uses for smoking ceremony which I then added into the artwork. He then smoked the work and named it Mimini MIwi – Women Spirit. This was in part due to the local women who came to help install the artwork on the Island and I later learnt that the local colonial women would use the sheoak as part of their pastry decorating.

Collaborators - Darryl Summer, Margaret Worth, Giuliana De Felice, Trent Marwick, Dr Wendy Wickes 

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