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Germination  2018                Murrum Boodja                     Manjimup, Western Australia


Germination is a Community Land Artwork inspired by the local Karaks - the red tailed black cockatoos. The shape of the work is in the form of a diatom, a microscopic creature, that lives in all water.  I worked with the Warren Catchments Council and members of the Manjimup community for over 6 months developing the concept for the artwork, the Artwork was then made over 10 days with loads of community support. Phyllis Karahoutis welcomed the work to Country, groups participating included, East Manjimup Primary School, Manjimup School, Manjimup Senior High School, MSH Big Picture, Pemberton Arts Group, Active, Jamarra, with support from Shire of Manjimup and the State NRM.

Collaborators- Sharon Rose, Julian Sharp, Mark Grey-Smith, Fay Dunstan, Bronwyn Constance, Evan Coumbe, Banjo Clocherty-Coumbe, Nelle Clocherty-Coumbe, Uta Sommer and so many awesome members of the Manjimup community!

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